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40 Sources for Finding Leads

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The three most important factors in selling are leads,leads,leads. You required a constant supply of new buyers to call on. The best way to find new buyers is to look for them in new places. Here are 40 places you will find them. We bet you can think of 40 more.

  1. Current customers
  2. Former customers
  3. Customers of current and former customers
  4. Next-door neighbors
  5. Customers’ next-door neighbors
  6. Local chamber of commerce
  7. Local office of economic development
  8. Your family
  9. High school or college reunion attendees
  10. People you meet on vacation at the beach, in the mountains, or at the amusement park
  11. People in chat rooms and other locations on he Internet (e.g:
  12. Your attorney
  13. Your banker
  14. Your accountant
  15. Your physician
  16. Your clothier
  17. Colleagues at seminars, conferences, and conventions
  18. Current and former colleagues
  19. Patrons in bookstores, particularly in front of the business shelf
  20. The person sitting next to you on an airplane, especially in first class
  21. 21.Acquaintances in airports, restaurants, hotel bars, ski lodges, golf courses, malls, museums, doctors offices, and anywhere else
  22. Buyer that turn you down in the past
  23. The names you’re afraid to call because you believe they won’t listen to you
  24. Contacts at social, professional, or fraternal clubs
  25. Responses to radio or TV ads
  26. Responses to printed ads
  27. Responses to telemarketing
  28. Mailing lists developed at trade show
  29. Mailing lists from qualified list brokers
  30. Trade association lists
  31. Hoover’s (in book form, on CD-ROM, or at Internet site)
  32. Moody’s Industrial Directories
  33. Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives
  34. Dun’s Direct Access (Dun and Bradstreet) accessed through your computer
  35. National Trade and professional Associations (Columbia Books)
  36. Middle Market Directory (Dun and Bradstreet)
  37. Encyclopedia of Associations (Gale)
  38. The International Corporate 1000 (Graham and Trotman)
  39. TrackAmerica:Information on USD10 Millions businesses and 90 Millions consumers accessed through your computer
  40. Business Lists on Disc (American Business Information): over 9 million businesses on CD-ROM