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How to subscribe to free podcasts

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Podcasts are becoming very popular specially if you like audio training.

If you own an iPOd and like podcasts here are the steps for getting them:

1. Connect your iPod at your computer
2. Run iTunes (if it does not run automatically)
3. Click over "Podcasts", under "Library"
4. Click on "Podcast Library" (at the bottom of the screen)
5. Under "Quick Links" (at the right hand side), click on "Power Search"
6. At "Title" field click a relevant word (business or MLM for instance) and click "Search"
7. Subscribe the ones you desire
8. Click on "Podcasts" at the right hand side
9. Expand every podcast subscription tile and decide if you will download the latest podcast or all of them
10. After the download process is completed, right click over your iPod link, under "Devices" and click over "Sync"

Do you want to organize your life using online tools? Consider online calendars.

You can find a variety:

1. Google Calendars
2. Yahoo Calendars
3. Scrybe
4. 30 Boxes
5. MSN Calendar
6. Kikos
7. Backpack
8. Spongecell

You can read more about them at this following article from Wired: "The Web's Best Calendars"

This article is focused on Google Calendars
Integration is the main reason of my choice:

  • I have a Gmail account
  • This blog from
  • A personal web site using Google Page, etc.

I use Google Calendars to promote my business' conference calls. After creating the calendar you can invite your business associates by adding their individual e-mails and automate the weekly invitations. You can also include your events at your web site. I do both.

Check my web site and open my calendar under "Click here to sign up now" button. A Google Calendar account (or Gmail account) is necessary to access it.

Give it a try:

  1. Create your calendar of events:
  2. Type your events at the calendar
  3. Under "My Calendars" at right hand side click over the arrow and choose the "Calendar settings" option
  4. Click on "Share this calendar"
  5. Click on "Get the code", under the "Use this button on your site to let others subscribe to this calendar."
  6. Copy the html code and paste it at your web pages and blogs

Until next time,

Ed Torres
yourBusiness Channel

Social Networking Sites

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Market Your Products Globally

Social networking sites can become great mediums for developing your online business. If you have an online business where you are trying to get customers through online advertisements and promotions, you can greatly improve your presence in homes world wide by developing a personal touch through social networking sites. You will find that people trust you more when you come in personal touch with them. You are more easily able to impress upon them the good points of your product which they readily accept.

Enlarge Your Business Network As Well

You also have a chance to meet some of your suppliers and dealers and this enables you to garner a more fruitful and long term business relationship with them. There are many ways to get closer to your clients by means of social networking sites. You can join online forums which discuss on subjects related to your product; this will directly introduce you to the people interested in your product. You can create your blogs which promote your product or service. You can then contact the visitors to your blog or the ones who respond and want more information on the product advertised through the blog.

The best part about creating business through social networking is that there is hardly any input as far as input costs are concerned. You can plan different strategies for different customers. You can sell your product or service at a much cheaper price than your competitors who have enormous inputs of labor and maintenance costs. It will become much easier for you to find a partner for your business through the social networking site. You can easily find like- minded persons who get interested to your idea and you can start a healthy partnership in business to cut costs and improve client base.

There are many things that you can do to create an online business with the help of social networking sites. You must try to get in touch with as many people as possible in networking dinners and forums. Try to learn which products find easy acceptance with most members. Try to exchange profiles and name cards with maximum members. Call members to find if anyone is interested in your product or service. Find products and services which still do not have an internet base or are new on the market scene. It is easier to secure such products as consignment and can be paid later when sold. Always try to keep the price low in the beginning till you have made a solid base of customers who vouch for your credibility. Moreover, it is easier to sell products at lower than market prices, especially if you can press home the utility of the product to members of social networking sites.

Until next time,

Ed Torres

Product Review: Subscription to Derek Gehl's private "Search Engine Marketing Lab."

Did you know that it's still possible to attract 1,000s of qualified buyers to your website every month (i.e. FREE traffic!) using the organic search engines?

It's true... And Derek Gehl has proven it with his recently released "Search Engine Marketing Lab."

To help you get #1 and #2 rankings in the "Big 3" search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) WITHOUT spending $1,000s on SEO experts or wasting 200+ hours a month reading SEO newsletters...

... Derek is giving you access to the exact same SEO strategies he pays over $13,750 per month to learn.

As a member of Derek's Search Engine Marketing Lab, you will first be run through his "SEO Bootcamp for Beginners" where you'll be shown, step-by-step, how to apply all the basic SEO strategies to your websites.

No technical mumbo jumbo or fluff filler here. Derek and his team have designed his portion of program for the absolute NEWBIE, so you'll know exactly how to best prepare your website for the search engines.

Then, every month you'll receive Derek's hard-hitting "Search Marketing Lab Report ", a 7-10 page newsletter that gives them a concise overview of the latest advanced SEO strategies that are working TODAY...

... Straight out of Derek's own personal testing labs!

So there's no guesswork and no wasting time reading HUNDREDS of SEO newsletters, trying to figure out what changes you need to make to keep or improve your top search engine listings!

And finally, you ALSO get a complementary membership to Derek's SEO Discussion Forum -- where you can ask his team of experts unlimited questions about your SEO campaigns.

All this for a ridiculously low monthly membership fee that makes the $1,000s per month that *other* SEO experts charge for this level of personalized assistance and expertise seem even more outrageous!

I give Derek's brand-new "Search Engine Marketing Lab" my very highest recommendation. The monthly newsletter is invaluable... and I can't believe the quality of information his team is giving away EVERY DAY in his private discussion forum.

To check it out for yourself, click here now!

Safety Checks Need To Be Placed

Social networking sites may be giving the new generation a platform to speak their mind and may be developing a new trend among the teenagers; however, there have also been instances of child abuse which has put the use of this medium by underage children under a cloud. According to the center for missing and exploited children, more than 2600 cases of child abuse have been reported where adults have tried to exploit the children sexually through networking sites like MySpace.

Rules Should Be Enforced To Safeguard Interest Of Users

There have also been other cases where children have used these sites to give vent to their feelings of negativity. In one case, the school administration expelled a gay student from school after school officials saw him in a drag on social networking site Facebook. In another case, in Kansas, police arrested five students for posting a blog on MySpace in which one of the boys disclosed plans to attack another boy’s school in a commando raid. Similar incident in a California school suspended twenty students for taking part in a group on MySpace for threatening to kill another student. The alarming thing is that the number of such incidents is on the rise. While one has to take concrete steps to counter the negative aspects of social networking through sites, one cannot neglect the fantastic medium of expression it has put in the hands of the young generation. If the young generation uses this medium in a constructive way then it can have far reaching effects on the societies to come in the future. Students can clarify their doubts through their seniors, professionals can gain through their experiences to move ahead on the corporate ladder, new hobbies can be developed, new friends can be made, products can exchange hands without middlemen; the list is endless. The biggest benefit is that all this happens while you are sitting in the comfort of your home. According to David Bell, an expert on marketing, it is important to maintain the identity of social networking sites. The social networking sites must focus on a selected audience so that proper checks can be placed to check improper use. Moreover, the membership should also be limited to the members of the group alone. Like for example, a students’ social networking site should have only students as its members. Another important thing is to keep the interest of the members alive by providing upgrades in functionality like better quality of sound and faster speed. In such a scenario proper checks can be placed and filters arranged to keep the negativity reported down and track the warning signals before they become a menace to the society.

Until next time,

Ed Torres

... in the last month alone!"

Product Review:

"The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing -- Version 2006"

By Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center

I've just finished devouring Derek Gehl's newly revised and updated "advanced guide" to email marketing, "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet - Version 2006," and I'm stunned by the number of profit-generating email secrets he's giving away!

I'm talking 390 pages containing 100s of his most successful test results he's spent the last 8 years perfecting, along with a breakdown of the logic behind every decision he made!

The truth is, I can't figure out exactly WHY Derek has made this information available...

... since it gives everyone -- including his competitors -- the chance to steal the secrets he's used to earn over $3.5 Million last year with email marketing!

I mean, the guy shows you EVERYTHING...

  • The 3 NEW criteria used by "spam filters" to deliver your email -- accreditation, reputation, and email authentication! (Warning! It's NOT about your email content any more!)

  • How to quickly build an email list of 1,000s of qualified buyers (even if your site gets NO traffic)

  • How to get "whitelisted" with Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail and guarantee the delivery of every email you send

  • How he turned a paid subscription newsletter into a CASH COW of over $1.5 Million per year in just 3 months...

... and MUCH more!

Derek also teaches you when you should mail, how you should mail, what you should write, and when you should send it so that you are guaranteed the best possible results from each and every email...

His years of testing are going to completely eliminate all of YOUR guesswork!

The thing is, the email marketing industry HAS changed dramatically over the past few years. If you're not on top of the changes, 40% to 80% of your email may NEVER get delivered to your clients!

I still think that Derek's going to regret giving all this information away, so I would advise you to grab this book while you can! It really does tell you everything you need to do to grow your business successfully with email marketing.

Click here to find out more.

Friendster And MySpace

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Your Friendly Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have come to stay. A few years ago who would have thought that you would be exchanging photos, comments, ideas, information and data within seconds with just a click of the mouse. Internet has certainly opened a brand new path for the young generation of searching souls to do so many interesting things on networking sites that they are spending endless hours chatting, sending mails and browsing through information on subjects of interest without caring for the existing world where personal presence is required for everything.

Make New Friends And Relationships

Social networking has been made possible with the help of networking sites like MySpace and Friendster. Social networking sites are sites where anybody can become a member by just giving their email address and taking a password. Later, you have to furnish other information about your identity to avoid misuse of facility. Once you become a member, you are given a profile, which is advertised on your page, in which, you add your likes and dislikes, your friends, your hobbies and habits, your qualifications etc. This becomes your personal page, which displays what you are, literally your personality. Now you can browse for similar personalities among the members of the site and make friends with like-minded members who are willing to become your friends. Similar option is also available to all other members of the networking site who can see your profile as well.
Through your profile you can make new friends, chat with them, attend forums of discussion, and join groups of like-minded people engaged in likeminded activities. It is so simple to enter the world of compatible friends without even going out and spend hours talking to your heart’s content. To create your own webpage is now a few minutes’ job with easy-to-use tools available on net. So you can easily have a social connection at the stretch of your fingers through social networking on Friendster & MySpace. Every facility has its good and bad points, it is the matter to which aspect your mind is set. Some of the people use these sites to a clean and clear point of view to make real good friends, associates, business partners, to spread knowledge and information quickly and easily. But what about those who have some maligned intentions of spreading bad information which is considered filthy and unclean in the society of decent humans? So we are on the threshold of heralding in a new era of being well equipped, with internet and mobile power. This power is as equally available to good and the bad, young and the old, and even to children of impressionable age. This is a path we need to tread on very carefully and check the filtering of bad ideas to the vulnerable minds of our children while giving them all the incentives of growth and information provided by social networking.

Until next time,

Ed Torres

... And drive SWARMS of qualified traffic
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Product Review:

"Blogging For Dollars" By Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center

While going through Derek Gehl's new "Blogging For Dollars" system, I was amazed just how powerful blogs really are. The amount of traffic you can drive to your website with a blog is impressive!

If you don't have a blog yet, NOW is definitely the time to start one!

And if you want to turn that blog into a huge success, Derek and his team have invested over $79,583.28 in developing and testing his new system, "Blogging For Dollars," and...

... Their test results were truly shocking!

Some of Derek's clients and members of his team were scooping up handfuls of #1 rankings in the search engines -- for HIGHLY competitive terms -- without hiring an expensive SEO specialist.

And I'm positive that anyone can secure a top 10 position in the search engines using the advanced blogging techniques explained in this system!

Plus, by having a blog, you can drive swarms of traffic to your website, explode your sales and profits...

... OR add new streams of revenue to your existing business!

But, what I like most about this system is that it's for both advanced users and it's totally newbie friendly at the same time.

In fact, "Blogging For Dollars" lays out a simple plan for starting your very FIRST online business using blogs, and teaches you how to set up your FIRST blog in 45 seconds... 5 minutes if you're slow!

Here's a tiny sample of what you'll learn:

  • How to use blogs to dramatically increase your website traffic -- and add 1,000's of EXTRA dollars to your bottom line!

  • How to rank #1 in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN -- for the keywords MOST searched by your target audience!

  • How Derek's team pushed a webpage to a #2 ranking in Google for a highly competitive keyphrase -- with less than 60 minutes' effort! (And why we saw traffic and sales results in less than 14 days!)

  • Which 3 critical steps you MUST follow to catapult your website to the TOP of the search engine rankings -- for any keyword you choose!

  • How to Attract 400% more repeat traffic than your static webpage! Since blogs take just seconds to update (from ANYWHERE in the world), it's easy to draw visitors back again and again with fresh news and postings!

... And MUCH more!

And since blogging is the biggest trend to hit the Internet in the last 10 years, there's more opportunity to profit from it right now than there ever will be. My prediction is we won't see another chance like this for at least another 10 years... Which means the time to act is now!

If you want to get in on the action, and maximize your blogging profits quickly, then I highly recommend you take a look Derek Gehl's new system right away.

"Blogging For Dollars" comes with a 96-minute instructional DVD, and an easy-to-follow guidebook containing 115 pages of every single detailed technique and strategy for generating MASSIVE profits from any blog!

Click here to get more details on the system that can help you take advantage of this incredible opportunity... Before it's too late!

The Ideal Combination

The age of social networking has revolutionized the world of music. Earlier friends who liked music used to discuss over phone about audio tapes, cassettes and CD’S which were popular. Nowadays, it takes only few seconds to send songs or music online to your friend or to thousands of people, free of cost. If a song is catchy enough it is globally appreciated within a few minutes and the artist becomes a hit within a couple of days. He turns into a top star overnight and is heard universally. This however, does not raise any income for the singer, but it does bring universal publicity at once.

Get Heard Around The Globe

There is a vital relation between social networking and music, and it can easily be understood. This is how it works. As soon as a person listens to any favorite music or a song, he simply informs his friends online to listen to the song on the particular URL address or sends the song over mail to them. These people once again send this song to other friends online, and thus, it makes a chain of listeners of that song, in a span of few minutes. This song gets the publicity it needs quickly and the list of fans grows in a small time, like the spreading of fire in a forest.

Social networking is an absolutely new means of marketing music, artists, shows and concerts within minutes to thousands of households throughout the universe. The potential is immense. And it is being used by the people to their great advantage. And again, this has turned into a revolution due to the social networking sites where you can inform hundreds of friends and associates within minutes with the help of forums, blogs, and through group discussions. You even have many sites and portals which give free access to the choicest of music online. You simply have to go on to the site, become a member and get access to download as many music singles, albums or songs as you want.

MySpace is one social networking site which is famous for distribution of music like never before. It has become the favorite destination of music artists, distributors, recording companies, famous and new bands, filmmakers and fans, who simply lap up the latest hits and songs as soon as they are released in the market. This has given a new dimension to the member of social networking sites of being heard globally within minutes. He is part of a universe he has not visited or may never visit throughout his life but he has friends and associates all over the world who are willing to listen to him and appreciate him for his talent.

Until next time,

Ed Torres

Or, does Mailloop REALLY have the potential tohelp you grow a six-figure income Internet business?"

Product Review of "Mailloop: email and Business Automation Software"

Are you drowning in a sea of email chores...? Sure, email is now considered to be one of the top 3 essential Internet marketing strategies:

>> A single email campaign can be worth $1,000s (if not TENS of $1,000s) in sales -- in less than 24 hours.
>> And unlike like offline advertising, there are NO printing, envelope, or postage costs to take a bite out of your profits -- email is FREE to send.

... The PROBLEM is, unless you automate your email chores early in your business lifecycle, what you're *saving* on postage and printing costs COULD be eaten up by 100s of wasted hours.

It's not really FREE to send an email campaign if it takes you 3 days to actually get it out the door!

Fortunately, today there are software and services available that take the grunt work out of sending email campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders...

... Leaving you free to worry about the fun stuff, like crafting high-impact email campaigns... or automating your backend sales with series of autoresponders!

A favorite on my list of tools is Derek Gehl's (of Internet Marketing Center fame) Mailloop -- email and Business Automation Software.

Are people REALLY increasing profits with Mailloop? Or, is it all hype?

Personally, I've always been comfortable using and recommending Mailloop to my friends and business associates because it has a proven track-record.

The software has been around (and evolving through updates) since 1998... and was originally built by Derek's team to manage their own email marketing campaigns, which now...

Generate over $3.5 Million is sales per year!!!!!!

Of course, if you're just getting started, software that manages email campaigns worth MILLIONS of dollars per year might seem a bit out of your league.

So I think it's important to note that Mailloop also has a long, proven track-record of helping "Regular Joe's" who have started small (with NO opt-in list or experience sending email) grow to a six-figure income -- and beyond!

(If you visit Derek Gehl's website, you can read actual case studies of these real people, and see proof of their RESULTS! Click here now.)

Sure it's more affordable... but are you giving up features and control?

If you're price conscious like me, you'll also appreciate the value-for-the-dollar Mailloop gives you.

Mailloop has been designed to give small and home-based business owners ALL the email automation tools you need, in one easy-to-use software interface...

So while many of the email management services used by the Fortune 500s will "two-bit" you to death with extra charges that can run into the $1,000s per year, with Mailloop you get everything you need to...

  • Easily collect email addresses from an opt-in form on your website
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe people from your list automatically
  • Import existing lists of opt-in customers and subscribers
  • Send professional-looking email campaigns -- in text and HTML
  • Manage MULTIPLE newsletters from one interface
  • Automate your customer service with autoresponders
  • Send automated "follow-up" emails with unlimited autoresponders

... Plus tons more, all for one very reasonable, low one-time payment -- and NO EXTRA charges, ever!

What about support? Will you be crying by your computer at 2 a.m.?

Here's where I really give Derek and his team some serious praise.

Until a couple of years ago, support for the Mailloop software was limited to some videos and a help manual. Yes, there were a few staff dedicated to supporting customers, but I generally get the impression they were spread too thin.

In the last couple of years, though, Derek and IMC have really beefed up their technical support... I take it this has happened in response to customer demand.

So now, not only has Mailloop been streamlined with these GREAT wizards that walk you step by step through all the critical tasks like sending your first email, setting up your first autoresponder, etc...

... Mailloop ALSO now comes with a complete suite of video tutorials, a customer support center, and personal support on-demand from a very knowledgeable, and VERY available, team of Internet marketing experts.

So getting set up with Mailloop and sending your first email campaign is a breeze...

The final verdict... Is Mailloop a diamond or a dud?

Overall, I give Mailloop my highest recommendation.

Not only do you get the entire suite of email management tools for a low, one-time payment -- a value of literally $1,000s per year...

... You also get unlimited support from IMC's experienced staff... something other service providers are charging $100+ per hour for!

And with Mailloop's track-record of helping regular people boost their incomes over six-figures per year, you can be confident that you're using a software that's already PROVEN to get results!

To get started with Mailloop, OR learn the strategies Derek Gehl used to make over $3.5 Million last year alone with email marketing, visit:

I give Mailloop my HIGHEST recommendation!

Choose Your Social Networking Site Carefully

Whatever others might say the world of social networking has brought in many plus points with a few minus points as well. You very well know that bad elements will create mess here there and everywhere. The best you can do is to check the delivery pattern and the input to weed out such elements at the elementary stage. But the larger loss that one sees is the development of social networks on communal lines. Although, it definitely means more ready acceptance within a group or audience on these lines, it also means that the world is being again divided by class on the social networking sites as well.

Select The One Closest To Your Heart

You have to select a social networking site, according to your preference, your choice of work, your hobby, your profession, your status or your talent.
You can be assured of a ready audience who are willing to listen to whatever you have to say, write or do.
The exposure you receive on social networking sites is phenomenal.
You have the greatest opportunity to make your idea, book, write up article, CD, recording, music, and video or an image to become a household name and gain recognition within no time at all. You may have the potential to become famous overnight.

However, this may not be possible with the membership of one social networking site.
To get your product or service or talent to reach a greater audience you should become a member of many social networks and gain popularity and recognition in all of them to really reap the benefits of social networking.
You can develop your profile and then link it to many other profiles always providing the link back to your site. Go to as many sites, forums and groups as you can, and advertise yourself, your product, your talent or whatever specialty you have, who knows you may be the star of tomorrow.

There are three social networking sites which are the recognized leaders in this field, MySpace, Friendster and Orkut. MySpace and Friendster do not need any introduction. MySpace is the all-rounder every social networking individual wants to be a part of, to avail of its multi-functional features. Friendster too provides similar features, but it is more towards attracting people with similar interests and developing relationships.
There are two upcoming networking site known as Squidoo which is fast becoming popular for an extra functionality and Yuwie: this one pays for content creation (blogs, pictures, comments, messages etc).
You can add gloss and glamour to your home page on the site once you are a member. You can format your page in many ways to make it look impressive; highlighting some areas with lenses and page building utilities as well.

Until next time,

Ed Torres

(And How I Managed To Score You Some FREE Stuff
By Laying A Formal Complaint...)

I've been doing business online for a lot of years now.

More than I can count...

So when I saw what Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl started doing about 2 weeks ago, I was more than a little miffed...

... I was downright furious!

See, over the years I've joined a lot of "free" Internet marketing communities. You've probably seen them... Discussion forums and chat rooms hosted by other so-called Internet marketing experts.

You're promised "unlimited access" to these gurus... But you almost NEVER see them online. And they rarely stoop to answer questions from us "little guys."

So you're left talking to other wanna-be entrepreneurs, which is great when you need moral support. But if you want to learn how to make REAL money online, who do YOU want to talk to...?

The guy who is making squat for sales with his brand new website?

Or, the guy who is making MILLIONS online every year?

Yeah, me too! I want to talk to the guy who's making millions!

Until a couple of weeks ago, though, getting access to these millionaire gurus was almost impossible because, not surprisingly, access came with a hefty price!

I don't know about you, but $8,000-$25,000+ for personal one-on-one coaching was waaaay outside my budget when I was getting started.

So that's why, when I saw what Derek Gehl and his team of Internet marketing experts who have generated over $60 MILLION in online sales have started doing...

... I nearly blew a gasket!

Derek has just started giving his private list of customers and subscribers UNLIMITED business advice from his very own team of experts...

... For the ridiculous investment of just $2.95.

And when I say "unlimited" business advice, I mean that on any business day, you can pop into Derek's thriving "Internet Entrepreneur's Club Forum" and ask his private team of experts ANY question about your business.

For example, in the forum, Derek's team of experts will give you...

>> UNLIMITED reviews of your website, loaded with actionable ideas you can immediately apply to increase your sales! (These reviews alone are easily valued at $3,000 to $5,000 each!)
>> UNLIMITED reviews of your salescopy, again, packed with ideas for simple (and sometimes dramatic) changes you can test to increase your sales! (I've seen sites increase their sales 300% and MORE using their advice!)
>> UNLIMITED advice from Derek's own private SEO expert -- so you can increase your sales with FREE traffic from Google!
>> UNLIMITED reviews of your current traffic campaigns including your PPC activity, blogging strategies, email campaigns, and MORE! (I saw one guy make £5,626 in just 12 days!)
>> UNLIMITED help generating NEW business ideas and NEW sources of revenue for your existing business!

... And what's more, Derek's team of experts guarantee they'll get back to you with a thoughtful, personal answer to your question, for YOUR business -- within 48 hours!

And what's even more amazing is... they do!

Which is why, after seeing all the glowing reviews and raving success stories this members-only club has been generating, I was pretty darn upset to see Derek giving it away to his customers and subscribers ONLY -- for just $2.95!

After all, I've been recommending Derek Gehl and his team at the Internet Marketing Center as a resource for quite some time now...

... What about MY customers and subscribers?

So I called up Derek's office, and spoke directly to his joint venture coordinator, and made it clear that I didn't think it was fair that IMC was keeping this $2.95 deal JUST for their own clients and subscribers.

And while I never did manage to get through to Derek directly, I did manage to score one heck of a deal for you!

Here's the scoop...

Derek's team has secretly released a membership sign-up page to a very select handful of their business associates... and I managed to get on this exclusive list.

Between all of us, we've been given permission to give away 250 of these $2.95 Trial Memberships...

But that's it!

Derek is adamant that his team of online experts don't get burnt out -- so he's made it clear that he's considering closing the doors to future members VERY SHORTLY!

So if you'd like the benefit of UNLIMITED Internet marketing advice, including business ideas, website reviews, salescopy advice, traffic secrets, and MORE...

... All from the same team of experts Derek has used to grow his business to over $60 Million in online sales...

... Then you need to move fast and click the link below to claim your $2.95 Trial Membership (which, incidentally, includes TWO incredible FREE Bonus Gifts) before they're all gone and Derek closes the doors!

Click Here Now to Get Your Trial and FREE Gifts.

Are you ready for Web 2.0?

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Web 2.0 or online social network is taking the Internet by the storm.

Most of us probably joined at least one of them: MySpace, LinkedIn, Orkut, Facebook etc. At these site we are sharing pictures, videos, blogs, ideas, résumés, personal preferences etc.

Well, a new one was created this year and they decided to be the number one:

Their marketing strategy is to offer a free access to all their features, allowing us to network to thousands of people (around 137,000: an average 2,000 a day) and they are attracting several advertisers.

To me this will be soon a new YouTube phenomenon because they are paying commissions for the ones who are actively reading profiles, answering and sending e-mails, blogging, posting pictures etc.
If you have an online based business or simply want to make new friends and get paid at the same time I recommend to join right away.

I did! :)

Until next article,

Ed Torres

Interact With Your Classmates

Social networking sites are a good way to keep in touch with your classmates. As long as you are in school you have lot of friends who tease you, help you, play with you, make you happy, make you sad, and all this goes on till the last day of your school and then your college. All of a sudden you find yourself on your own in this big wide world. Some of the lucky ones keep in touch with friends while most of us start to fend for our lives and childhood memories soon become our best friends when alone. But now with networking sites it is possible to keep in constant touch with our good friends who always come up with bright ideas to keep the frowning lines away from our temples.

Relive The Memories Of Your School Life

The most popular site which is aiding in developing lasting relationships with your classmates is with the same name, Classmates. This is a unique social networking site which encourages you to keep alive the friendships you developed during your school and college by searching for them through their client base. However, you can make other friends along the way as well.
Since our childhood memories and friendships are so important to us, the membership of Classmates comes with a price. The Classmates social networking site gives you a free plan to make you a temporary member with limited usage facilities till you pay up and become a permanent member. And the membership fee is not very dear and easily affordable. To make it more convenient for the members there are three levels of membership. The passive members can pay less and the more active ones can pay a bit more. The maximum you have to pay is just five dollars. It is very easy to get across to your classmates through the social networking site Classmates. All you have to do is to go to the site and apply for a membership. Even with a free membership plan you can make your own profile and view the profiles of your own classmates with whom you went to school. You simply have to enter the name of your school and the year in which you attended your school. You can choose your class and find the names you are so familiar with, with their present profiles and addresses. You can then contact them and relive those pleasant moments once again. But for that you need to take permanent membership and pay the requisite fee. Sometimes these relationships can be great motivators in times of distress in one’s life. So taking membership of classmates can be of great help to everyone.

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Ed Torres

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If you are a newcomer and wish to start social networking, there are quite a few popular networking sites which are offering free services as well as paid services to members. Though there are sites which focus on certain groups and are based on status, profession, religion, business, and romance or even hobbies, however, the end result of all the sites is the same, to enhance social networking capabilities of its members.

Every Site Has Its Individuality
In most of the social networking sites you have to give a description of yourself, once you become a member. You have to give a general description of yourself like your name, address, likes, and dislikes, hobbies, interests, birthday, marital status and whatever other information you wish to give. This becomes your profile, which can be viewed by other members and you are judged for what you are on the basis of this profile.

Let us discuss a few well known sites and their membership criteria. The first one is obviously Orkut. It was developed by a software engineer of the same name working with Google. You can make new friends thereon and exchange photos if you like to. Orkut does not charge any fee to enroll new members. This networking site has no ads nor does it give any.

Another popular social networking site is Friendster. Just like Orkut, you have to give a general description of yourself before becoming a member. The questionnaire is not as comprehensive as Orkut’s. Friendster is a site where you can meet new people and make friends quite easily. The attitude here is more open and inviting. There is no fee and there are no ads.

Tickle is another social networking site which goes a bit ahead and becomes a match-making site as well, offering test results and groups to its members. Some of the services of Tickle are free and some come with a fee. Tickle does some advertisements and it has a good base of members. As of today it has about 18 million members.

LinkedIn is a social networking site which provides an avenue to the professional fraternity to come together on one platform. To create the ambience it propagates, the registration form for new members looks like a curriculum vitae when it asks for your job profile. You have to give your job description, current employer’s details, past experience and professional qualifications to join in. Membership is by invitation only. Besides Linkedin there are other sites also like Ryze and MeetUp which are based on specific requirements. Both sites are by invitation.

Social Networking for online business owners
AdLanPro is a community that gives you a chance to network with network marketers who may be in the same field or share similar interests as yourself. You can also generate leads here because you develop relationships with people and thus they are more inclined to listen to your offers because of the relationship you have built.

Direct Matches is the first in the online business and social networking industry to deploy a multi-matchmaking system that helps people locate everything from business contacts to network marketing professionals. It is the first business and social networking service with a contact management system that operates on a "dynamic basis", where members are able to select from dedicated networking communities.

Until next article,

Ed Torres

Have you heard of "Web 2.0"? If not, here it is a quick definition:

"Web 2.0, when used in the context of analysis and promotion of web-technology, refers to a perceived second generation of web-based communities and hosted services — such as social-networking sites, wikis and folksonomies — which aim to facilitate collaboration and sharing between users."

Read more: Wikipedia: Web 2.0.

Some of you (or your kids) are familiar with My Space and Fotolog. They are part of the Web 2.0 universe.

Nowadays online social network web sites are spreading like weeds all over the Internet and the task to follow them is sometimes overwhelming.

Here some strategies I recommend:

1. Have a personal blog and write something about the industry you represent. from Google offers free blog hosting.
2. Once you have a blog, don't forget to promote using (also a Google free tool).
3. not only allows you to manage your contact list and keep it updated but also connects to several social networking sites trough a tool called "Pulse"
4. is primary for career-oriented networks but also works for business independent agents.
5. Online bookmarking or social bookmarking is now a mania and it is helping to promote sites, articles, press releases etc. Learn how to use them and promote your personal sites by bookmarking them. Here it is some of the online tools:,,, If you want a complete list, here it is a interesting tool you can add to your blog or personal site:

Like any other marketing strategy, it takes time to build your presence at the Internet. Be patient, persistent and committed to your business.

Until next article,

Ed Torres

Internet Marketing at iTunes

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If you own an iPod chances are you are dealing with the iTunes application on daily basis.
One iTunes feature is overlooked is the free Podcasts. The options today are growing in very fast pace. You can get free audio or video podcasts at these following categories: Art, Business, Comedy, Education, Games & Hobbies, Government & Organizations, Health, Kids & Family, Music, News & Politics, Religion & Spirituality, Science & Medicine, Society & Culture, Sports & Recreation, Technology, TV & Film.

From the Business Category I subscribed this following podcast:

Internet Business Mastery: Business Development and Internet Marketing for the Web 2.0 Age

To date 33 free episodes are available for your education. Just give it a try:

1. Open the iTunes application by connecting your iPod at your computer
2. At the left hand side click on "Podcasts"
3. At the right bottom click on "Podcast directory"
4. Click on "Business" category
5. Click on "Internet Business Mastery" icon
6. Click on "Subscribe" button
7. Go to "Podcasts" option and click on "Get all" button
8. After you download the episodes, right click on your iPod's "Podcasts" option
9. Click on "Sync"

If you don't have an iPod you can download the podcasts from this site:

Internet Business Mastery

Until next time!

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Home businesses are transforming with the advent of internet marketing: home based business owners now have the opportunity to market more efficiently and contact more people.

Your home based business opportunity or internet home business can be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of people on daily basis. Impossible? Nothing is impossible if we have the right skills.

Internet marketing tools and strategies are the key for testing and promoting a home business idea.

Big companies, with deep pockets, are already hiring internet marketing consultants in order to promote their businesses or products.

The Pay It Forward for Profits gives me the opportunity to have access to the same internet marketing strategies. If you also own a home based business (or plan to own one) I really recommend it to give it a try and study the strategies. At least you are acquiring new internet marketing skills.

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212 The Extra Degree Movie

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This 3 minute movie may help you assess your own "temperature."
One degree can make a huge difference! Take a look . . .

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne,
Creator of The Secret

When I think of the past greats my eyes overflow with tears, because they helped me understand the teachings of The Secret through all their magnificent and inspirational writings. I live in such depths of gratitude to them as I watch many more millions of people's lives transform with The Secret.

As the light and joy of The Secret spreads across the planet, we are living what the past greats dreamed of. Through one person's heart to another, millions are discovering the truth of who they are, and all they can be, have, and do.

The past greats would be so proud of us for being the generation who were able to recognize the truth and transform our lives through its laws and teachings, and in so doing, create the greatest evolution of humankind in history.

In honor of one of the past greats to whom I owe so much, we have created a gift for you. It is The Optimist's Creed, written by Christian D. Larson almost 100 years ago. As you read this wonderful piece of writing you will discover its total harmony with the teachings of The Secret. The words have been modified slightly to make them even more powerful. Be sure to read the words "I Promise Myself" at the beginning of every new line and you will maximize all the power of The Secret.

Click here to experience The Optimist's Creed by Christian D. Larson.

You can also print the final page of The Optimist's Creed to read daily. Use it as a powerful tool to become the most brilliant magnet for magnificence and joy in your life.

The Secret has also released another magnificent piece of work from a past great, Wallace D. Wattles. The Science of Getting Rich was written almost 100 years ago, and it is the book that changed my life and began my journey of The Secret. This magnificent book has been transformed into a CD audio book, narrated by Dr. Denis Waitley, one of the teachers from the film The Secret. To read more about this beautiful audio creation, click here.

May the joy be with you.

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret bringing joy to billions.

Good News Network

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I would like to take a break on Internet Marketing and introduce the Good News Network: this news agency is focused on good news only. :)

If you are tired of bad news I really recommend them. Here it is the link:

All the best,

Ed Torres

Take the Internet Back

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Take the Internet Back

1. You sign up for F.R.E.E.
2. You Click Links on the site
3. You get paid for the links you clicked.
4. 25 (and growing) marketing tools

40 Sources for Finding Leads

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The three most important factors in selling are leads,leads,leads. You required a constant supply of new buyers to call on. The best way to find new buyers is to look for them in new places. Here are 40 places you will find them. We bet you can think of 40 more.

  1. Current customers
  2. Former customers
  3. Customers of current and former customers
  4. Next-door neighbors
  5. Customers’ next-door neighbors
  6. Local chamber of commerce
  7. Local office of economic development
  8. Your family
  9. High school or college reunion attendees
  10. People you meet on vacation at the beach, in the mountains, or at the amusement park
  11. People in chat rooms and other locations on he Internet (e.g:
  12. Your attorney
  13. Your banker
  14. Your accountant
  15. Your physician
  16. Your clothier
  17. Colleagues at seminars, conferences, and conventions
  18. Current and former colleagues
  19. Patrons in bookstores, particularly in front of the business shelf
  20. The person sitting next to you on an airplane, especially in first class
  21. 21.Acquaintances in airports, restaurants, hotel bars, ski lodges, golf courses, malls, museums, doctors offices, and anywhere else
  22. Buyer that turn you down in the past
  23. The names you’re afraid to call because you believe they won’t listen to you
  24. Contacts at social, professional, or fraternal clubs
  25. Responses to radio or TV ads
  26. Responses to printed ads
  27. Responses to telemarketing
  28. Mailing lists developed at trade show
  29. Mailing lists from qualified list brokers
  30. Trade association lists
  31. Hoover’s (in book form, on CD-ROM, or at Internet site)
  32. Moody’s Industrial Directories
  33. Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives
  34. Dun’s Direct Access (Dun and Bradstreet) accessed through your computer
  35. National Trade and professional Associations (Columbia Books)
  36. Middle Market Directory (Dun and Bradstreet)
  37. Encyclopedia of Associations (Gale)
  38. The International Corporate 1000 (Graham and Trotman)
  39. TrackAmerica:Information on USD10 Millions businesses and 90 Millions consumers accessed through your computer
  40. Business Lists on Disc (American Business Information): over 9 million businesses on CD-ROM

Guide to Traffic Exchange

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Guide to Traffic Exchange

Now you can use Traffic Swarm efficiently! :)

The Zurich Axioms

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In business and in life we need to deal with the risks in order to create success.

Here it is a free e-book I recommend for you to read:

The Zurich Axioms

Please let me know you impressions by posting your comments.

All the best,

Ed Torres