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Choose Your Social Networking Site Carefully

Whatever others might say the world of social networking has brought in many plus points with a few minus points as well. You very well know that bad elements will create mess here there and everywhere. The best you can do is to check the delivery pattern and the input to weed out such elements at the elementary stage. But the larger loss that one sees is the development of social networks on communal lines. Although, it definitely means more ready acceptance within a group or audience on these lines, it also means that the world is being again divided by class on the social networking sites as well.

Select The One Closest To Your Heart

You have to select a social networking site, according to your preference, your choice of work, your hobby, your profession, your status or your talent.
You can be assured of a ready audience who are willing to listen to whatever you have to say, write or do.
The exposure you receive on social networking sites is phenomenal.
You have the greatest opportunity to make your idea, book, write up article, CD, recording, music, and video or an image to become a household name and gain recognition within no time at all. You may have the potential to become famous overnight.

However, this may not be possible with the membership of one social networking site.
To get your product or service or talent to reach a greater audience you should become a member of many social networks and gain popularity and recognition in all of them to really reap the benefits of social networking.
You can develop your profile and then link it to many other profiles always providing the link back to your site. Go to as many sites, forums and groups as you can, and advertise yourself, your product, your talent or whatever specialty you have, who knows you may be the star of tomorrow.

There are three social networking sites which are the recognized leaders in this field, MySpace, Friendster and Orkut. MySpace and Friendster do not need any introduction. MySpace is the all-rounder every social networking individual wants to be a part of, to avail of its multi-functional features. Friendster too provides similar features, but it is more towards attracting people with similar interests and developing relationships.
There are two upcoming networking site known as Squidoo which is fast becoming popular for an extra functionality and Yuwie: this one pays for content creation (blogs, pictures, comments, messages etc).
You can add gloss and glamour to your home page on the site once you are a member. You can format your page in many ways to make it look impressive; highlighting some areas with lenses and page building utilities as well.

Until next time,

Ed Torres