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Are you ready for Web 2.0?

Posted by Ed Torres | 11:10 PM | | 0 comments »

Web 2.0 or online social network is taking the Internet by the storm.

Most of us probably joined at least one of them: MySpace, LinkedIn, Orkut, Facebook etc. At these site we are sharing pictures, videos, blogs, ideas, résumés, personal preferences etc.

Well, a new one was created this year and they decided to be the number one:

Their marketing strategy is to offer a free access to all their features, allowing us to network to thousands of people (around 137,000: an average 2,000 a day) and they are attracting several advertisers.

To me this will be soon a new YouTube phenomenon because they are paying commissions for the ones who are actively reading profiles, answering and sending e-mails, blogging, posting pictures etc.
If you have an online based business or simply want to make new friends and get paid at the same time I recommend to join right away.

I did! :)

Until next article,

Ed Torres