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The Ideal Combination

The age of social networking has revolutionized the world of music. Earlier friends who liked music used to discuss over phone about audio tapes, cassettes and CD’S which were popular. Nowadays, it takes only few seconds to send songs or music online to your friend or to thousands of people, free of cost. If a song is catchy enough it is globally appreciated within a few minutes and the artist becomes a hit within a couple of days. He turns into a top star overnight and is heard universally. This however, does not raise any income for the singer, but it does bring universal publicity at once.

Get Heard Around The Globe

There is a vital relation between social networking and music, and it can easily be understood. This is how it works. As soon as a person listens to any favorite music or a song, he simply informs his friends online to listen to the song on the particular URL address or sends the song over mail to them. These people once again send this song to other friends online, and thus, it makes a chain of listeners of that song, in a span of few minutes. This song gets the publicity it needs quickly and the list of fans grows in a small time, like the spreading of fire in a forest.

Social networking is an absolutely new means of marketing music, artists, shows and concerts within minutes to thousands of households throughout the universe. The potential is immense. And it is being used by the people to their great advantage. And again, this has turned into a revolution due to the social networking sites where you can inform hundreds of friends and associates within minutes with the help of forums, blogs, and through group discussions. You even have many sites and portals which give free access to the choicest of music online. You simply have to go on to the site, become a member and get access to download as many music singles, albums or songs as you want.

MySpace is one social networking site which is famous for distribution of music like never before. It has become the favorite destination of music artists, distributors, recording companies, famous and new bands, filmmakers and fans, who simply lap up the latest hits and songs as soon as they are released in the market. This has given a new dimension to the member of social networking sites of being heard globally within minutes. He is part of a universe he has not visited or may never visit throughout his life but he has friends and associates all over the world who are willing to listen to him and appreciate him for his talent.

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