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Friendster And MySpace

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Your Friendly Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have come to stay. A few years ago who would have thought that you would be exchanging photos, comments, ideas, information and data within seconds with just a click of the mouse. Internet has certainly opened a brand new path for the young generation of searching souls to do so many interesting things on networking sites that they are spending endless hours chatting, sending mails and browsing through information on subjects of interest without caring for the existing world where personal presence is required for everything.

Make New Friends And Relationships

Social networking has been made possible with the help of networking sites like MySpace and Friendster. Social networking sites are sites where anybody can become a member by just giving their email address and taking a password. Later, you have to furnish other information about your identity to avoid misuse of facility. Once you become a member, you are given a profile, which is advertised on your page, in which, you add your likes and dislikes, your friends, your hobbies and habits, your qualifications etc. This becomes your personal page, which displays what you are, literally your personality. Now you can browse for similar personalities among the members of the site and make friends with like-minded members who are willing to become your friends. Similar option is also available to all other members of the networking site who can see your profile as well.
Through your profile you can make new friends, chat with them, attend forums of discussion, and join groups of like-minded people engaged in likeminded activities. It is so simple to enter the world of compatible friends without even going out and spend hours talking to your heart’s content. To create your own webpage is now a few minutes’ job with easy-to-use tools available on net. So you can easily have a social connection at the stretch of your fingers through social networking on Friendster & MySpace. Every facility has its good and bad points, it is the matter to which aspect your mind is set. Some of the people use these sites to a clean and clear point of view to make real good friends, associates, business partners, to spread knowledge and information quickly and easily. But what about those who have some maligned intentions of spreading bad information which is considered filthy and unclean in the society of decent humans? So we are on the threshold of heralding in a new era of being well equipped, with internet and mobile power. This power is as equally available to good and the bad, young and the old, and even to children of impressionable age. This is a path we need to tread on very carefully and check the filtering of bad ideas to the vulnerable minds of our children while giving them all the incentives of growth and information provided by social networking.

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