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Safety Checks Need To Be Placed

Social networking sites may be giving the new generation a platform to speak their mind and may be developing a new trend among the teenagers; however, there have also been instances of child abuse which has put the use of this medium by underage children under a cloud. According to the center for missing and exploited children, more than 2600 cases of child abuse have been reported where adults have tried to exploit the children sexually through networking sites like MySpace.

Rules Should Be Enforced To Safeguard Interest Of Users

There have also been other cases where children have used these sites to give vent to their feelings of negativity. In one case, the school administration expelled a gay student from school after school officials saw him in a drag on social networking site Facebook. In another case, in Kansas, police arrested five students for posting a blog on MySpace in which one of the boys disclosed plans to attack another boy’s school in a commando raid. Similar incident in a California school suspended twenty students for taking part in a group on MySpace for threatening to kill another student. The alarming thing is that the number of such incidents is on the rise. While one has to take concrete steps to counter the negative aspects of social networking through sites, one cannot neglect the fantastic medium of expression it has put in the hands of the young generation. If the young generation uses this medium in a constructive way then it can have far reaching effects on the societies to come in the future. Students can clarify their doubts through their seniors, professionals can gain through their experiences to move ahead on the corporate ladder, new hobbies can be developed, new friends can be made, products can exchange hands without middlemen; the list is endless. The biggest benefit is that all this happens while you are sitting in the comfort of your home. According to David Bell, an expert on marketing, it is important to maintain the identity of social networking sites. The social networking sites must focus on a selected audience so that proper checks can be placed to check improper use. Moreover, the membership should also be limited to the members of the group alone. Like for example, a students’ social networking site should have only students as its members. Another important thing is to keep the interest of the members alive by providing upgrades in functionality like better quality of sound and faster speed. In such a scenario proper checks can be placed and filters arranged to keep the negativity reported down and track the warning signals before they become a menace to the society.

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