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Have you got a great business, idea, product or service, but you just can't get the revenue growth you are looking for? Do you know there's heaps of potential, and it's time to drive things to the next level? Would you like to know what impact the world's best marketing experts might have on your sales figures?

yourBusinessChannel is going to hand pick up to 25 businesses from around the world to have the Million Dollar Team work directly on their business. If you are chosen, the Million Dollar Team will look at your business with a fine tooth comb and work out how to help you achieve massive growth. Some of the best business experts in the world, people who normally command large fees to work with anyone, will help you solve the key issues which are holding you back, and unlock the sales you deserve.

The Million Dollar Team is made up of experts like Kevin Roberts (global CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi), Dr Ivan Misner (networking guru and Founder of BNI), Penny Power (Founder of – the leading online business network) and Tom Smith (acclaimed social media expert from Universal McCann). It also draws on interviews with other legends like Shel Israel (author of Naked Conversations), David Meerman Scott (viral marketing guru), Rand Fishken (SEO expert) and celebrities like Kevin Spacey and Bob Geldof, as well as leading figures from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Google, Microsoft and many more.

This is set to be the most incredible line up of business experts ever seen in one TV series, and will be worlds apart from standard business TV shows. For the first time ever, The Million Dollar Team will be put to work on real business problems, for real businesses.

yourBusinessChannel has set up an eye-watering deal on your behalf. You won't be expected to pay the sizeable fees that this team would normally cost. We realise that this would be prohibitive for most businesses. Instead, if they're confident they can help you, the Million Dollar Team will do the work in return for a modest slice of any increase in revenue they help you achieve. So you get all the benefit and virtually no risk. All of this will be discussed and agreed with you in detail in advance.

To apply for the Million Dollar Challenge, fill out the form right now.

If you are not successful, or if you would rather not apply, you can always join the Million Dollar Team Club at US$99.95 a month, watch how it's done, submit questions and use the tools and templates provided to club members.

Cheers to your health, wealth and success!

Ed Torres
yourBusiness Channel