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Blogging for business

Posted by Ed Torres | 2:55 PM | | 0 comments »

We’ve heard a lot in recent months about how marketing is becoming less one sided, with businesses seeing the rewards of conversations with their customers. Talking with your customers is good, and blogging is proving to be an exceptionally good way of doing it.

In this show we speak to a handful of the world's top online conversation experts, including Penny Power founder of Ecademy, thought leadership strategist David Scott, blogging guru Shel Israel, Jeremy Wright CEO of b5media, Bryan Eisenberg co-founder of Future Now.

Once you’ve seen this show, you’ll know how blogging can free up the channels for conversation, how that will get people more interested in what you do, and how that can translate directly into sales.

Need more help with using a blog as a tool to generate more interest and make more sales? For more free tips and advice on how blogging could be helping you to sell - Click here!

Cheers to your health, wealth and success!

Ed Torres
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