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Your vision to reality

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When you set out in business, it’s easy to put full focus on the exciting things - that great new idea or creative vision you’ve had. It's easy to be carried along with the enthusiastic people that you find yourself working with.
All too often people forget that business is very much about money – making sure that you have enough of it in the bank, and that there’s always more coming in.

In many ways, your ability to make sure that your finances are abundant depends on how well you execute your plans and understand the numbers.

In this series of seven shows we speak with Nigel Reynolds, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London. On a mission to find the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, Nigel heads up a Vision to Reality programme. From what he has seen so far, if you understand how to adopt the correct entrepreneurial focus, you will greatly improve your business prospects.

In these shows we reveal:

  • Why entrepreneurs struggle to transition from vision to reality and how adopting the right focus can change that
  • 7 financial mistakes entrepreneurs commonly make
  • When to seek financial advice and what impact it can have
  • How to select an adviser who has the right credentials to help you succeed
  • Exit planning: what you need to do to unlock the rewards you’ve worked so hard to achieve
  • How to meet any venture capitalist’s funding test
  • 3 proven tips for rapid business growth
If you need to know how to make the money side of your business work, then you really should hear what Nigel has to say, so turn up you sound and start watching this great finance series right away!

Cheers to your health, wealth and success!

Ed Torres
Your Business Channel