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Presenting "The Answer" book:

Reading the book I found this part remarkable:

"No matter what your business is, sales and marketing is its most important function, its lifeblood. Marketing and sales is the engine that drives every business. Whatever else you're doing, you've got to be able to get in front of people so that they can make and informed buying decision about your offering.

Now, "getting in front of people" can mean many different things. It might involve face-to-face, or it might take place over the phone or through the Internet. It might include reaching out to people through the vehicle of television, radio, postcards, kiosks, or any one of dozens of other vehicles. But whatever the method, if you or your sales and marketing team are not in front of qualified prospective buyers more than 50 percent of your time, you are wasting your most precious resource, which is you.

You may be asking, "But what if that's not my strength? What if I'm not specially good at marketing or sales?" That's a great question. If marketing and sales is not your strength, then don't waste a moment trying to make yourself better at it. Instead, get someone on your team who is better at it. Whether you do this by hiring or outsourcing, networking or bartering, masterminding or taking on partners, make this your first priority."

Cool huh?

No wonder the failure rate at home and Internet business are so high!

So, buy the book by visiting John Assaraf's site:

...and apply what he is teaching there.