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Do you want to organize your life using online tools? Consider online calendars.

You can find a variety:

1. Google Calendars
2. Yahoo Calendars
3. Scrybe
4. 30 Boxes
5. MSN Calendar
6. Kikos
7. Backpack
8. Spongecell

You can read more about them at this following article from Wired: "The Web's Best Calendars"

This article is focused on Google Calendars
Integration is the main reason of my choice:

  • I have a Gmail account
  • This blog from
  • A personal web site using Google Page, etc.

I use Google Calendars to promote my business' conference calls. After creating the calendar you can invite your business associates by adding their individual e-mails and automate the weekly invitations. You can also include your events at your web site. I do both.

Check my web site and open my calendar under "Click here to sign up now" button. A Google Calendar account (or Gmail account) is necessary to access it.

Give it a try:

  1. Create your calendar of events:
  2. Type your events at the calendar
  3. Under "My Calendars" at right hand side click over the arrow and choose the "Calendar settings" option
  4. Click on "Share this calendar"
  5. Click on "Get the code", under the "Use this button on your site to let others subscribe to this calendar."
  6. Copy the html code and paste it at your web pages and blogs

Until next time,

Ed Torres
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