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While many are struggling with how to turn online popularity into serious profit, one company worth talking to about monetising your site is yourBusinessChannel.

An online media venture, yBC provides business people with no-nonsense advice and guidance from the world's top experts in every aspect of business. It delivers shows and sells products. Now, here's where it gets interesting. While yBC has it's own site, it also provides content and reseller rights free of charge to other web sites. Those sites also earn a percentage on everything purchased under an agreement the company terms "Revenue Syndication".

With the industry obsessing about how tomorrow's sites need video, web services and web 3.0, yBC appears to have emerged at precisely the right time. Imagine the advantages to your brand if you could incorporate video content with practical advice from companies like Google, Skype, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers onto your site. And then there is the financial return that comes from reselling yBC products.

It's an opportunity that appears perfectly tailored to anyone with high volume traffic whose trying to find extra revenue - a popular portal or blog, a busy online company, or someone with a fantastic social network.

Already, yBC boasts a syndicated audience of nearly 6 million viewers and it's a company that's growing fast. The margin on product sales is good and there's plenty of opportunity for repeat business.

On the technical side, the company has sunk millions into an IT platform that integrates yBC content right into Revenue Syndicator's sites. yBC also promises automatic updates, seamless provisioning and prepackaged promotions. You can pick and choose the content you think is most interesting in the Syndicator Centre which has a cut-and-paste approach that is definitely user-friendly.

Of course, there's the obvious question: why is the content free? The shows include promotions and the Revenue Syndication contract states that you will screen them in return for free content.

yBC Revenue Syndicator licenses are currently free, but the signs are that they won't be for long. Signing up is simply a matter of visiting here for free provisioning. You can also visit the Syndicator Centre to check out the content and learn more about the financial aspect of things.

yBC is a massive resource and it looks like a great opportunity for the right kind of people. If you have a big online audience and are interested in making money distributing high quality content and products, yBC is something worth exploring.

What yBC is promising

  • Great margins and excellent recurring revenue
  • Phenomenal content - over 200 shows featuring the world's top experts and expanding every month
  • Reseller rights for the complete suite of yBC products, automatically updated as new promotions come out.
  • New promotions delivered every week
  • Implementation is simply cut and paste
  • Full online syndication resource and support centre
  • Align your site with the world's top brands
  • Over time the shows do the selling for you

Ed Torres