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For traditional bricks and mortar business, it's easy to write off hot e-commerce trends like blogging, social networking, and web services - too much work, too much investment, too little return. yourBusiness Channel says think again.

yBC is an online TV venture that provides business people with no-nonsense advice and guidance from the world's top experts in every aspect of business.

Where yBC differs from your typical tv offering is this: all content and services are available for any traditional business to use on your own company website. This means you can transform even a fairly pedestrian web presence into a shining example of web 3.0, complete with video, interactive content, web services and more.

You can literally cut and paste the services on to any site. This collaboration means that it is easy for traditional businesses to embrace the latest e-commerce, and premium web services - and it's profitable as well.

The on and offline marketing implications of all this content are pretty clear. As well as having your own internet tv channel, imagine how customer promotions would be if you were able to offer free trials or invitations to webinars featuring experts from some of the biggest names in business.

However, there is more to the opportunity than brand and marketing campaigns. The product reselling aspect of the proposition also shouldn't be overlooked.

yBC's research shows that there are many companies, particularly in the services area, looking to broaden their offerings and do more cross-selling and up-selling into new areas. Think about the lawyers who want to broaden the range of business advice they offer; the marketing firm that wants to sell off-the-shelf products to small clients that can't afford agency fees; or the small business accountants that want to differentiate their service with a bundled offer to startup clients. yBC has been tailored for exactly these kinds of real life scenarios.

The financial aspects of reseller agreements are negotiated individually, but fundamentally it's a partnership arrangement that involves both parties working together to make money.

yBC is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs with a strong sales and marketing background - hence the business' focus on supporting its partners to make sales. To this end, yBC has invested millions of dollars in an IT platform that makes distribution and reselling hassle-free. Content and products are updated and provisioned automatically. yBC also provides weekly cut-and-paste promotional campaigns that can be rolled out under the Licensed Syndicator's brand.

With an audience of over 6 million and rising, yBC is company on the move. A restricted number of Area Licenses are currently available for companys working in key markets.

yBC is a massive resource and potentially a great opportunity. If you're a bricks and mortar business considering broadening your offer and doing something different, yBC could be for you.

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Boost your marketing
  • Research: find out what customers want
  • Complete easy-to-implement, co-branded contact campaign
  • Social Networking (facebook, linkedin, youtube, podcasting etc)
  • Conversation Based Marketing / Web 2.0 marketing / branded feeds etc
  • Blog content
  • Celebrity marketing
  • List management and e-marketing tools
  • Web conferencing
Sell more and build up new revenue sources
  • Use product trials / benefits to leverage sales
  • Drive your own sales out of marketing
  • Differentiate and strengthen your brand
  • Benefit from a strong new set of selling points
  • Right to resell yBC products
  • Hands free source of cash once pipeline established - yBC does all the work
  • Good margins and recurring income
The latest Web 2.0 and 3.0 web services
  • Amazing IT for your site
  • Video content
  • Collaborative online products
  • Social Networking compatible

Strengthen your brand
  • Cobranding rights
  • Use of expert names
  • Signage on a paid basis
  • Build your online brand