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If you've ever wondered what impact the world's best marketing experts might have on your sales figures – today you can get the answer.

Picture walking into your own 'virtual' marketing agency. A place in cyberspace where you can connect with dozens of marketing experts to get ideas, ask questions, have your marketing checked or launch new campaigns out of a box. Everything is focused on helping you do a great job on your marketing.

Featuring top tips and templates from internationally recognized experts like Ivan Misner, the service is low cost, and available from your web browser – anytime. You can review dozens of short TV shows packed with tips on PR, marketing, networking, ecommerce, sales and social networking. You can get ideas from a library packed with hundreds of articles and templates. And if you get stuck and need expert guidance, you can submit any question to the experts and get an answer back within 48 hours.

Pretty handy stuff for anyone doing their own marketing. They are working on new products to add to the mix all the time. For example they've just launched a Presentation Builder with thousands of slide options, and great templates (both design and content). So if your PowerPoint's are a bit tired, you can build a high impact presentation in 45minutes.

Anyway – there's a free trial for a month so you can see if it increases your sales, and after that if you decide to use it, it's just a couple of dollars a day, with no tie-ins.

Work on your marketing with an elite team of experts

Collaborate online with the best brains in the business and get specific advice and feedback on your individual situation.

Access dozens of TV shows where leading experts share their top tips and strategies with you

Submit your marketing for review and get advice you on precisely how to improve it!

Get ideas from hundreds of articles, templates and presentations to help you get your marketing right

Covers all aspects of marketing for any business - whether startup or existing

Includes Presentation Builder - giving you more than 2,400 slide combinations for high-impact presentations

Save on expensive marketing agency fees, or the inevitable significant cost of making mistakes

Click for a 1 Month Free Trial so you can access all of this and see for yourself.