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Writing great copy

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If you have a web based business, or even a web presence, the first contact many of your customers will have with you will involve your website. The first words they hear from you will need to be sharp if you want them to stick through your sales process.

Watch this show to find out from the experts how you can create copy that people will definitely respond to, how it can be used in emails, blogs and on your site.

To help you do that, we've interviewed some of the top online copywriting experts including Jeremy Wright CEO of b5media, Bryan Eisenberg co-founder of Future Now, Sean Cohen Director of Client Relations and Development for AWeber Communications, Stefan Tornquist Research Director of Marketing Sherpa, and Penny Power, founder of Ecademy.

So grab a pen and paper, turn up your sound and join the killer copy experts right now!

Need more help with getting the copy on your site pitch perfect? For more free tips and advice on writing killer copy that works - Click here!