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If you do not know what a "prosumer" is, here are the definitions:

  1. A consumer who is an amateur in a particular field, but who is knowledgeable enough to require equipment that has some professional features ("professional" + "consumer").
  2. A person who helps to design or customize the products they purchase ("producer" + "consumer").
  3. A person who creates goods for their own use and also possibly to sell ("producing" + "consumer").
  4. A person who takes steps to correct difficulties with consumer companies or markets and to anticipate future problems ("proactive" + "consumer").
Source: The Word Spy

Now let's check the number three: A person who creates goods for their own use and also possibly to sell ("producing" + "consumer").

The Commission River web site has a multitude of products and services you could represent/consume at the same time, and get commission from it.

Today's tip is to check your cellular phone contract: if it is about to expire, why not change it to a new contract using your own cellular phone link? You can even stay at the same company (if you live in USA) and pick a brand new plan from there. Check the free phones option for you and/or your family.

Recently I did compare my actual contract from SunCom with my Commission River's Cellular phone link and, for my surprise, not only the plan was affordable but the phone options were better.

Of course you can always promote your link among your friends. ;-)

Here it is your action plan:

  1. Join Commission River
    (it is free to join!)
  2. Wait for the confirmation e-mails (make sure they did not go to your spam folder)
  3. Click on the "Cellular" tab (the green one)
  4. Fill the form and click on "Go"
  5. Choose the carrier, brand, price or phone types (Tip: always check the "All..." option)
  6. Play with the models and plans
  7. Proceed with the order and compare with your actual plan
  8. If the Commission River's plans are better than yours, just switch and enjoy your new service, savings and commission.
  9. Check the other services/products and replace yours if the prices are better
  10. Important: do not forget to promote your site among your friends, family and business associates.