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Increasing your awareness of your own personality profile is the first step towards finding the right way to wealth, according to renowned entrepreneur, business expert, speaker, and author Roger Hamilton. Hamilton is the founder of the XL Group network for social entrepreneurs, educators and leaders, and travels the globe giving expert business advice on the Wealth Dynamics wealth creation system.

According to Hamilton, each of us fits one of the eight Wealth Dynamics profiles. On the business TV show above, he outlines the first four of these profiles: the creator, the trader, the star, and the supporter. The nub of Hamilton’s expert business advice is that each of these profiles has its own way to wealth, and that it is counterproductive for entrepreneurs to try to find wealth in a way that does not fit their profile.

Hamilton illustrates his expert business advice with well-known examples of each profile type. So, on the business TV show he explains that Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs are examples of creators, who are very good at starting things. George Soros, on the other hand, is a trader. Traders “don’t have their head in the clouds, they have their ear to the ground,” says Hamilton on the business TV show.

Some famous examples of star profiles are Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jack Welsh, Rudi Giuliani, and CEO of Microsoft Steve Balmer are all supporter profiles. Says Hamilton, “they all have the same traits and the same winning form of leadership.”

In the business TV show, Hamilton expands his expert business advice to explain the characteristics of these profiles, and how each can find their way to wealth. Hamilton shares expert business advice on the remaining four Wealth Dynamics profiles in his next business TV show on yourBusinessChannel.