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Some people love the limelight, while others are happiest with their nose to the grindstone. Just as people like to work in different ways, so are there good and bad ways for various personality types to pursue their goals. Business expert Roger Hamilton has developed a successful system for describing the best way for different personalities to find wealth, called Wealth Dynamics.

A highly respected business expert and founder of the XL Group network for social entrepreneurs, educators and leaders, Hamilton addresses audiences all over the world, explaining the principles of his Wealth Dynamics system.

In Wealth Dynamics, everyone belongs to one of eight profiles, and your profile determines your best way to wealth. In this business TV show, Hamilton explains four of the eight Wealth Dynamics profiles: the deal maker, the accumulator, the lord, and the mechanic.

Hamilton opens his expert business advice by discussing the deal maker profile. On the business TV show, he cites Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch as famous examples of deal makers. “You never see someone like Rupert Murdoch showing up in the news because he is just showing his latest iPhone or his latest Google product or anything like that,” says Hamilton. “He is showing up in the news because of his latest deal.

Next on the business TV show, Hamilton turns to accumulators – such as Warren Buffet. Says Hamilton, accumulators are “very cautious of how they spend their money - they are not going to just buy and sell like a trader, but they will collect over time, at the right time.” Hamilton rounds out the business TV show by discussing lords (such as Larry Page and John D. Rockefeller), and mechanics (such as Jeff Bezos and Ray Kroc).

Hamilton expands upon his Wealth Dynamics expert business advice in the business TV show above. Hamilton’s business TV shows feature weekly on yourBusinessChannel.