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Over the last year we have traveled the globe, interviewing the top online marketing experts to bring their knowledge together in one place. In their interviews, these experts have been clear on one thing; with over a billion people connected online, there is no better way to reach new customers than online marketing.

In this, the first installment in the Digital Marketing Team Blitz series, experts Penny Power, Founder of Ecademy, the social network for business people, and Shel Israel, blogging guru and bestselling author, explain how to build profitable connections.

By working alongside the experts, you’ll know how to get the most from marketing on the top social networking platforms, and the secrets to running your own blog and how to connect with influential bloggers, and get traditional methods such as search and email working for you.

They’ll also show you how to get results on the major search engines, as well as how to run highly effective email campaigns. So why not watch this show now, and embark upon a digital marketing blitz to see how much money you can make.