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Twitter is the biggest thing to happen in online social networking this year. It has changed the way that people interact online and has ushered in its own new world of apps – many of which can help you to increase the visibility of your business online. There’s a lot of buzz around it, and a lot of people who are curious but don’t know what use Twitter will be to them, or how to get started.

For this series, we’ve compiled more top expert advice from our Tweetathon with over 100 leading edge Twitter experts.

In this, the sixth episode in this series, we present advice from over 100 experts, on how you can use Twitter as great new marketing tool for your business.

There are a great many applications that have been developed for Twitter users. They perform all manner of functions, but all enable you to make Twitter a more powerful, efficient tool that is tailored for your business needs. In this show, our experts review a few of the most popular apps, explaining what they do, and how they can be combined to make Twitter an ultimate tool.

If you’re looking for the best ways to get Twitter working for you - then don’t miss this show! Be sure to tune in for more in this new yourBusinessChannel series, as we continue to show you how to formulate your own expert level Twitter campaign.