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No one ever go the perfect business referral by sitting around passively waiting for it to fall into their lap. To really leverage your business connections and increase the number of sales you make through referrals, you need develop and implement a smart business networking strategy.

In his new show on leading online business TV network yourBusinessChannel, business expert Andy Lopata explains a simple business networking strategy that will get you results.

Lopata gives examples of the success of his business networking strategy taken from his own experience. Recently, he received an excellent referral from a friend and associate of his that resulted in a high profile speaking engagement.

The speaking job didn’t simply appear by accident, however. On the show, Lopata explains how this referral was the product of his carefully managed business networking strategy, and this forms the basis of his business networking advice.

Lopata and his contact had earlier met on a Referral Institute pipeline course, and since then they meet regularly purely to exchange referrals. This is a central part of the business networking strategy for both of them.

This is the first step in the business networking strategy that Lopata recommends on the show: to build yourself a strong network of business contacts that know, trust, and like you. When you have strong relationships with people who are themselves well connected and who trust your professional abilities, this is a major step towards running an effective business networking strategy.

The next step, says Lopata in his business networking advice, is to think about exactly who you need to meet and why. That way, you will know and recognise when an excellent opportunity comes up.

The third part of Lopata’s business networking advice is to be able to explain to all your contacts what kind of referrals you are looking, and why referrers should be so interested getting in touch with you.

With a business networking strategy such as this, says Lopata, you will be able to build up a lot of business through high quality referrals.