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How many times have you had a friend of colleague email you with a link or a video with a “This is Really Funny” subject line? Today digital marketing experts are developing tools which draw on the social, viral nature of the internet to promote brands and companies.

These social marketing tools have enormous potential to reach a global audience, and are often affordable enough to be included in a modest small business marketing strategy.

In a new business TV show, acclaimed author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR David Meerman Scott explains what businesses need to do to create a web strategy that will create online buzz about their products. Some of his social marketing tips will be surprising to many in the world of traditional marketing.

Meerman Scott’s social marketing advice is drawn from his upcoming book, called World Wide Rave. A world wide rave, he says, is when people around the world are talking about you and your products, and the global online community is eagerly linking to your site.

In other words, when you run a web strategy that puts you at the centre of online buzz so that around the world workmates will be emailing each other about you! The key to social marketing, according to Meerman Scott, is to create appealing, remarkable, or useful content that gets people talking about your brand because they want to, without any coercion from you.

In this series of business TV shows, Meerman Scott gives a step by step guide to developing and rolling out a successful social marketing and web strategy. He gives six tips, explaining exactly what needs to be done to run a successful campaign, from creating strongly attractive content to creating triggers than encourage people to share you material.

There are a few new tricks to learn for anyone coming to social marketing from the perspective of traditional advertising and marketing.

Cheers to your health, wealth and success!

Ed Torres
yourBusiness Channel