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In a recession, perhaps more than any other time, strategic and energetic business networking has the potential to turn your business around. That is because the beauty of business networking is that you leverage great results, across all areas of business, at very little cost.

In this business TV show, dozens of world experts in various areas of business give tips and advice on business networking and customer relations during the recession. These should be central aspects of your business strategy to survive the recession, say the experts.

At a time when money is tight and boosting sales by attracting new customers will be very difficult, it makes sense to build your business strategy around leveraging value from exiting networks of contacts, be they customers, workers, suppliers, competitors, colleagues, mentors, or someone else.

Executives and entrepreneurs who do not already put energy into business networking should start now, say the business experts. Fortunately, there are already many business networking tools and organisations in existence, so it is a fairly simple thing to incorporate into your business strategy. The key is to find the right communities and become active in them, leveraging existing contacts to find further business networking opportunities.

According to the experts, while online business networking sites like Ecademy and LinkedIn are vital tools in today’s business environment, it is also important to remember that there is no substitute for meeting your contacts in person. In a physical meeting, you will establish trust and rapport very quickly. A strong business strategy for networking will incorporate both online and face-to-face communications.

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