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The only way to really improve your business sales strategy is to work a written sales plan, according to a leading sales and business expert.

Giving business sales tips on her weekly show on leading online business TV service yourBusinessChannel, Lori Richardson from Score More Sales explains the secrets to a really effective business sales strategy.

In her sales advice, Richardson, stresses the importance of having a written sales plan and says that it can be just the edge you need to succeed in you business sales strategy.

Many owners of small and medium sized businesses are often so busy that they are working off the cuff, she says. But it is critical to track and record sales activity, in order to improve results, she says in her business sales tips.

You simply can’t improve your sales results unless you are tracking and measuring your work, so your business must have a written sales plan to work to in addition to its business or marketing plan.

Richardson goes on to explain in her sales advice what makes a good sales plan. It should let you keep track of all revenue and sales activity, she says. This will let you monitor and identify which sales actions have been truly effective in generating leads and helping to close deals.

This will allow you to focus your energies and resources on those actions which have been proven to bring results, says Richardson.

In her sales advice Richardson also explains that working a written sales plan will also improve you ability to keep tabs on the different contacts that you make in your work. You will be able to calculate how many prospective customers you need and how long it will take to turn them into sales. This is critical to any successful business sales strategy.

Lori Richardson shares business sales tips every week on her free show right here on yourBusinessChannel.

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