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Are you one of those people who leaves things to the last minute? If so, you could be undermining your search engine optimization (SEO) web strategy without even knowing it. In this new business TV show, business expert Rick Wilson from MivaMerchant explains why.

Wilson's web strategy advice in the show focuses on the importance of renewing your domain name and keeping registration up to date. This might sound like an unlikely business development tip, but in the show Wilson explains why it can have tangible impact on your SEO web strategy.

SEO is the process by which businesses seek to achieve high rankings in the search results pages of the major search engines, especially Google. An SEO web strategy can have a dramatic effect on sales and on your overall business growth strategy, by greatly increasing your visibility online, and the amount of traffic you get through your site.

Any successful SEO web strategy is based on a thorough understanding of how search engines work, and why they rank some sites higher than others.

The business development tips that Wilson gives on the show relate to one of the criteria that Google uses to rank sites. He explains that Google ranks sites higher, the further out their domain name is registered. So if you leave it to the last minute to renew your domain name, you run the risk of slipping down the rankings.

The logic of this, says Wilson, is that Google wants to refer searchers to sites which are well established and which will still be there in the future. By renewing your domain name early, you are sending out a signal that you and your business are here to stay.

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