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Even at the best of times, sales is a difficult area of business. During the present tough economic times the job of the salesperson is even tougher, as clients have many more reasons to say 'no'.
In this climate, you need reliable, up-to-date sales advice or you risk putting your entire business growth strategy at risk.
This new show from yourBusinessChannel describes a powerful new business sales strategy called Sales Monster.
The team that brings you world beating sales advice and business development tips every week has now created a Sales Monster, designed to help businesses on the Million Dollar Challenge to beat the recession and build sales revenue during the downturn.
Sales Monster is designed to deliver reliable, innovative sales advice, and assist sales staff in preparing and presenting persuasive pitches to clients.
The first part of the business sales strategy behind Sales Monster gives sales staff the ability to dial up answers and fresh ideas from world beating experts, on whatever aspect of sales is giving them the biggest headache. Whether it is prospecting for new clients, closing deals, or maintaining motivation, the latest sales advice is close at hand.
The experts collaborating on Sales Monster to provide their latest business sales tips include such luminaries as David Meerman Scott, Dr Ivan Misner, and Bob Young.
The next leg of the Sales Monster is a customised presentation builder, which draws on the very latest advice on persuasive pitching and presentation design, to help you develop a generic presentation built to world-class standards.
With Sales Monster, your staff can turn out an incredible-looking pitch presentation in minutes, fine tuned to fit the client and the meeting they about to go into.
The Sales Monster is just one of many campaigns available to businesses who take the Million Dollar Challenge.
Find out more about how Sales Monster by watching this free business TV show.