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Businesses of all sizes are looking to rationalise their marketing spend in the credit crunch, to improve return on investment and boost sales revenue. A highly cost effective small business marketing tip is to tweak your online content to boost website traffic.

In this business TV show, Chris Cathcart of Bigmouthmedia shares his latest web strategy advice on how the credit crunch is causing consumers to shop differently, and how your can adjust your small business marketing strategy to make the most of these changes.

By making small adjustments to the language you use on your website, says Cathcart, you can transform the results of your web strategy. In his business development tips on the show, Cathcart explains why.

Since the onset of the recession, people are starting to search the internet in slightly different ways, he says. For example, whereas once people would run simple searches for a ‘savings interest rate’ or ‘savings account’, they are now running more sophisticated searches, looking for the best deal they can get for their money.

With the right information, you can adjust your existing internet strategy to make the most of this, says Cathcart.

It is possible to optimise your website, by adjusting the written content, so that you will appear near the top of the search engine results page for certain search terms. This kind of web strategy is know as search engine optimisation or SEO.

But how do you find out exactly which search terms and phrases people are using to find business sites like yours? In his web strategy advice on the show, Cathcart explains a number of tools which are available to identify the right terms, known as website analytics tools. Watch the show for more information.

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