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There is far more to building a really effective internet strategy than simply loading up your site with keywords relating to your business and products. In this new business television show, the business experts at share internet marketing tips on running a more sophisticated, truly effective, SEO internet strategy.

In the show, Chris Cathcart from Bigmouthmedia stresses the importance of understanding the mindset of customers and they way they search and shop online.

Only when you understand the patterns of behaviour that characterise the way people shop online can you design your website and your internet strategy in a way that will maximise results.

According to the business experts, there is a predictable process that most consumers follow when they are looking to buy a product or service online. Most people, without knowing it, employ a particular kind of web strategy as they search, says Cathcart.

They begin their search very broadly, getting an idea of the different kinds of products that are available in a particular area, what their options are, which brands are the most highly recommended, and so on.

At this stage, the customer is still deciding in their own mind whether or not they really want to buy the product. Once they have made up their mind, say the business experts, their searching behaviour changes.

At this point, the customers begins to look for the best deal, and their searching becomes far more focused and targeted than it was earlier. They might be looking for the best deals, or particular features and add-ons, for example.

At each stage in the researching and buying process, customers use different search terms.

In this business television show, Cathcart shares internet marketing tips on designing your SEO web strategy to ensure you are using keywords to cover all stages of the buying process.

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