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If you really want to develop a highly effective search engine optimisation (SEO) web strategy to take your business to the top of search engine results pages, then understanding some of the technical stuff will help you on your way.

This new business television show gives internet strategy tips and business advice on ensuring that your website structure and page code deliver the best SEO results possible.

The advice on the show has been gathered from dozens of leading SEO specialists and online business experts.

Website design and SEO are specialist fields of expertise, and entrepreneurs can’t be expected to have a working knowledge of these complex areas. However, understanding a few basic aspects will give you the confidence that the web strategy advice you are getting is sound.

The first technical aspect of SEO explained in the online marketing tips on the show is meta tags. These are code descriptors which help explain the page to your web browser, but which aren’t visible on a page. Meta tags are used by Google and the other major search engines to rank websites. So make sure your SEO team includes your SEO keywords and phrases in the title tags, meta tags, and alt tags of your pages.

It is also a prudent web strategy to include relevant keywords in the address of the pages on your site.

The next set of internet marketing tips on the show relates to the importance of good site structure and site maps, to getting high search engine rankings.

Having a comprehensive up to date site map on your site, for example, is a very useful way to ensure that search engines index all the relevant parts of your website.

Equally importantly, whoever is in charge of your SEO campaign and internet strategy should be ensuring that potential canonical issues have been address in the development of the overall website structure.

Watch the show for more information and practical tips on optimising your ecommerce website.

Cheers to your health, wealth and success!

Ed Torres
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