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Social marketing in general, and Facebook marketing in particular, requires a major shift in mindset away from the old days of one-way mass advertising. Businesses today need to put themselves at the centre of the conversation. In this free business television show, part of yourBusinessChannel’s Facebook marketing series, social marketing experts share their best tips on creating great online content for your contacts to share with each other.

Creating the right kind of content, say the experts, can be a highly cost effective small business marketing strategy. Instead of buying expensive display ads to communicate your message, a social marketing strategy is aimed at generating genuine buzz and conversation about your message and your brand.

So what makes great content for Facebook marketing?
First, say the business experts, content has to be fun and relevant to your audience. On Facebook, most people are expecting to have a bit of fun, and they like content which is unexpected or entertaining. Appealing games and applications, or multimedia and video content, are popular ways to create a branded experience for your audience.

Of course in order to create content which appeals to your audience, you need to understand what they like. This many require some research, so go online and see what people are talking about, and what applications they are using.

Another great Facebook marketing strategy, say the business experts, is to create content which is highly valuable to your audience. This might be market research data, for example, or a beautifully produced video.

By giving people something of real value, they will want to keep coming back to your page to see what you have to say and share. They will also be more likely to share your material with their friends. Ultimately, your aim is to go viral across Facebook.

In the rest of the business television show, the experts discuss the most exciting and important new kind of Facebook content, Facebook Applications.