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The rise and rise of online social networking and social media presents probably the single greatest new marketing opportunity to have emerged in the last ten years.

The number of users who access the world’s most popular networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, every month can now be counted in the hundreds of millions. These networks are getting larger and more sophisticated with every passing month.

This new business television show will be essential viewing to business people and marketers who understand the massive business development opportunities which social media offers, but lack the knowledge and the tools to take advantage of them.

To reach large numbers of the right kind of social media users, in an appropriate way, you need a carefully designed digital marketing strategy drawing on cutting edge technology and research.

A new online tool launched as part of the Million Dollar Challenge now provides participating businesses with frameworks and skills necessary to leverage social media to achieve great social marketing and business development results.

The new tool (which is available exclusively to business accepted onto the Million Dollar Challenge) is called Digital Blitz, and it is the heart of the social marketing dimension of the Million Dollar Challenge.

There are two sides to Digital Blitz.

Firstly, it gives businesses the resources and skills they need to generate a large following on various social media platforms by creating a great online profile and publishing fun, valuable content that will them a social ‘magnet’.

Then, Digital Blitz teaches businesses how to effectively manage the hundreds or thousands of relationships which they established across various networks.

As with all Million Dollar Challenge tools, Digital Blitz has been designed to take into account the latest research and insight from social marketing and business development experts around the world.

This video, produced by yourBusinessChannel, explains how Digital Blitz allows businesses to turn social marketing into business development success.