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With Internet strategy experts and marketers pushing the boundaries of website optimization as far as they can, and the search engines pouring millions into research and development to stay one step ahead of the pack, SEO is a very dynamic area.

In this new business television show, the final episode in yourBusinessChannel’s search engine optimization series, web strategy gurus and business experts share their predictions for the future of SEO.

The show is essential viewing for SMEs and marketers looking for internet marketing tips on how to stay at the top search engine results pages in the months and years to come.

According to the Internet strategy experts on the show, the world of SEO will become more and more competitive in the future. SEO will continue to take market share from traditional advertising mediums, as online marketing becomes an even more popular business development tool.

At the same time, in certain areas of business, the cost of bidding on the most popular SEO terms will increase.

The next of the experts’ online marketing tips in the show is that search engines will become smarter and more personalized as search technology improves.

Major search engines will know more about you and what you want and like, and deliver tailored results which are highly relevant to you, based on your previous clicks and preferences online.
The search engines will know whether you prefer text, photos, audio, video, or photos, and this will be reflected in the results you see when you run a search.

As user experience plays a heavier role, say the business experts, SEO marketing will become more complicated, but also more powerful.

As search results become more highly customized, the marketing possibilities will also become more customized. Businesses will be able to delivered a target marketing message to particular demographics.

Watch this business television show for the rest of the predictions from business experts.