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By now, most business people have read or heard about leveraging online social networks as part of a small business marketing strategy. Twitter in particular has had a lot of coverage in the media.

Many entrepreneurs see the potential of this approach, but lack the skills to set up a campaign. In this business television show, experts share their latest business advice on getting started with social marketing.

The social marketing tips on the show have been contributed by dozens of business experts to assist even the most technophobic businesspeople with Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, and other online social networking.

The first part of the show explains how to select the social network or networks that best fit your needs and your business development needs. There are many different networks to choose from, from well known general purpose networks like Facebook and Twitter, to specialist networks like LinkedIn or Ecademy.

In their small business marketing tips on the show, the experts suggest starting with Facebook and Twitter, then investigating other social networks.

Different networks attract different types of users, so you need to think about your target audience and the kinds of networks they might be on.

Once you have decided on the networks which you will use as you platform, you need to set up a profile page.

This is a critical task in your social marketing campaign, say the experts, and it is very important to get it right. The purpose of your profile is to give your contacts an idea of the person behind your business. By leaving your profile page blank, you are missing a key opportunity to let people know who you are and what you do.

In the rest of the business television show, the experts explain how to create a highly attractive profile page that will get you found online. Then they explain how to grow your network of contacts by becoming a highly active participant within the online community.