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Most people, when they think of a great sales pitch, imagine a scene from out of the movies, where a hot-blooded, ambitious young sales rep wins over a roomful of hard-nosed suits with a spectacular presentation.

By taking on board the sales advice on this show, you'll be able get results like that with you next pitch!

Dozens of business sales strategy experts have contributed sales advice to this business television show.

The focus of the sales advice on the show is on how to ensure you deliver a powerful, persuasive pitch to your next audience.

The sales advice on the show is divided into a series of practical tips for improving your sales presentations. The first of these business sales tips is to show that you understand the customer’s problems

It is critical, say the business experts, to show the customer that you’re looking out for them. So your pitch should be full of evidence of how your products will solve their problems and bring them benefits.

Before you stand up to present, you need to know the customer’s point of view inside and out. It’s too late, once you’re in front of an audience, to start wondering what they want, why they want it, and how you can solve their problem better than anyone else.

The next of the business sales tips on the show is to inject some creative flair into your pitch.

A little flourish of creativity will go a long, long way in the world of dry business sales, so the more memorable your presentation, the better.

Try adding audio visual elements or interactivity to your presentation. If you’re confident with it, trying using role-plays or props to really make your pitch stand out. Even a dash of humour, if you can manage it!

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