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Despite the buzz and excitement about Twitter's potential as a social marketing platform, there are still people out there for whom Twitter just won't work.

In this new business television show, Twitter for business expert Mark Shaw shares his latest social marketing tips on how to know if you are one of those rare people who just can't get value for their business from Twitter.

In the show, Shaw divides his business advice into ten reasons that Twitter may not work for you.

Each of the reasons also contains a practical social marketing tip on how to use Twitter effectively as part of your small business marketing strategy.

Shaw has based each of his ten social marketing tips on real experiences he has had with businesspeople and personality types who just can't seem to leverage Twitter for their small business marketing strategy.

Viewers can watch the business television show right here for free to hear Shaw's ten reasons that Twitter might not work for you.

For the impatient, however, here are the first couple of reasons.

Firstly, says Shaw, if you are selfish, Twitter will not work well for you. This is because Twitter is essentially about sharing – sharing your contacts, sharing information and advice, sharing links.

You will only get the best social marketing results if you understand this and follow the unwritten Twitter 'rule book'.

Similarly, says Shaw, you need to enjoy engaging with people if you want to see great business results from your Twitter-based social marketing strategy. After all, social marketing is not called social for nothing.

To make social marketing work for your business, you need to engage with your followers, customers, and contacts.

Twitter marketing requires an entirely different approach from the old days of broadcast marketing, where you simply pumped your message out into the world and hoped that someone would take notice.

Cheers to your health, wealth and success!

Ed Torres
yourBusiness Channel