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Why Form A Business

Answer: The sole proprietor has unlimited liability for business debts, lawsuits and judgments!

What if
your business is sued tomorrow?

Are you protected? Have you done everything right?

I just wanted to let you know about a great product from attorney, Darius M. Barazandeh.
If you have a business entity already set up (such as an LLC or corporation) or are in business for yourself, but don't have a structure in place to protect you...then KEEP READING!

At his website,, Mr. Barazandeh details setting up, running, protecting assets and saving taxes using corporations and LLCs. He uses only SIMPLE and EASY INSTRUCTIONS and is available for your email questions! These are the most detailed materials available today...yet the easy to use and understand!

A great thing about these programs is that they SHOW YOU the real world effect each entity and tax choice can have on your profits! Then they show you how to set them up, run them, and manage the business in a way that AVOID lawsuits and tax mistakes!

Do you Currently Have an LLC or Corporation?:

Just filing your 'paper work' is not enough! Many business owners DO NOT have proper instruction on how to create required records, conduct 'proper' meetings, maintain bank account controls and/or keep up with the required formalities. In fact, Attorney Darius M. Barazandeh has isolated over 23 common errors that business owners make which create liability and destroy protection!

Do you know what these errors are? How will you avoid them?

Are you unsure if a corporation or LLC is best for you? Then besure to listen to Mr. Barazandeh's ABSOLUTELY FREE audio seminar found on the website!

Learn How to Avoid Mistakes Today: