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Introducing Poken!

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Take your social networking offline and into the real world with Poken! Poken is your 'social business card.' It's an easy way to share your contact details and online social networks in the real world. Just hold two Poken palms together…high4! (Poken only have four fingers) And now you're connected. Poken holds your contact information: name, address, email, mobile phone, and the rest, and it also holds your social networking account names. Poken contains your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and other accounts.

Instantly connect with new friends, across social networks, and track when and where you meet them. Simply touch the hands of the Poken together for 2-3 seconds and you are connected. Then when you're at any computer with internet access, the hand pulls out of the body to reveal a USB connector. Plug the hand into the computer and easily upload your new contacts to the PokenHub.

URL: Poken Site

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